Helping The Community

Working with local Fire Department

We donate our existing structures prior to demolition to the local fire department so that they may be used in field training to better help prepare them in their duties.


We have a strong tie to the community and pride ourselves in the things we do to better the City of Los Angeles.  Developing new housing in neighborhoods where other developers have often ignored, we remove old dilapidated houses which are liabilities to the community and replace them with brand new housing. This not only removes the problem, but also beautifies and adds value to the neighborhoods. The modern homebuyer’s needs have changed from the early 1900’s when most of these original houses were built; replacing these small inadequate houses with larger housing helps to meet the needs of the ever expanding community. In doing so, we bring these families new homes that they traditionally have not had access to. In addition these houses generate millions of dollars in revenue each year to the City in permit and school fees.  We choose to build these houses in the City of Los Angeles because we believe in the city, and see the positive influence these new homes are having on the community.