We provide a “Boutique” investment service to our investors where they have the ability to purchase investment properties directly from our company. They can then take advantage of our management services which provide a “hands off” experience when it comes to the daily interaction between Landlord and Tenant.

Robust Financial Fundamentals

Above average returns are coupled with a stable and sustainable cash flow. Also, there is no rent control exposure due to the new construction.

Highly Populated Trade Area with Continuous Redevelopment

South Los Angeles encompasses approximately 60 square miles and accounts for nearly 10% of the total population (nearly 885,000 persons) living in Los Angeles County. With such a large population, South Los Angeles would rank as the fourth largest city in California – over twice as large as Oakland.
The infrastructure in South Los Angeles is continuously being improved upon. Specifically, The Los Angeles Unified School District (“LAUSD”) has embarked on an aggressive, $19.2 billion school construction and renovation program that will deliver new and modernized school facilities.

Strong Demand for Rental Housing and Affordable Housing

Due to the demand for rental housing, fair market rents (“FMR”) have remained fairly stable in South Los Angeles and have returned to pre-recession levels.

Why Ocean Development

We believe the quality of our properties is far superior to anything ever built in the inner-cities. We continue to stay current on trends and supply the best amenities and upgrades seen in South Los Angeles. Furthermore, the properties are built to provide easy maintenance and long term efficiency

In addition to the quality of our properties, our strengths include:

  • Our Investors – we are successful because of investors
  • Knowledge of product – we only manage units built by us
  • Relationship with HUD – we have over 20 years experience with
  • Section 8 and candid working relationships with HUD contractors, advisors and inspectors
  • Management Accountability – as well as having intimate relationships with our investors, our Managers have investment stakes in the Company and our properties

We have seen tremendous growth even during these economic times and continue to invest in the longevity of our Company:

  • Managed properties increased by more than five times in last five years, and our goal is to double that in the next three years
  • We expanded our working and administrative facilities to accommodate our growing operations and to meet our future business needs
  • Our employee base more than tripled in last three years
  • We invested in and upgraded to the latest property and project management software